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  • No More Cheap Paper Filters

    " For many years, I have use high end paper filters - I was pleased with the results and the protection I was getting. Then I had the opportunity to try the Filter Guy's product in my home - at the 90 day window - when it was time to replace my filter - I was absolutely astonished at how much more dirt this new filter captured, compared to the high end filter I was using. I highly recommend them for your home or business. I've already ordered and have them in my new home."

    Tom/New Brighton, Minnesota

  • No More Smoky Odor

    "About 2 years ago we had a major forest fire in our area. My house got pretty smoky - I ordered the carbon ring panel filter and was amazed at how it took care of the smoke odor - in addition, my cleaning lady shared that my home was less dusty - that's because of the type of media it is made out of. I was very pleased with the results."

    Randy/Phoenix, AZ

  • Easy & Fast Delivery

    "I tried the four inch filter as that is what we use in our furnace. The price was almost half of what I paid elsewhere - plus they delivered right to my door - loved that service!

    Rhonda/Farmington, MN

  • Rural Area? No Problem!

    "Living in a small rural area I was looking for a better filter - could never find one that I liked. Then I came across the Filter Guy - he told me about his product - I tried them - first my wife said our home was less dusty - I also observed that they basically lasted twice as long as the expensive high filter I was using. I just recently put in another order."

    Larry/Fulda, MN

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