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6 Ways Furnace Filter Maintenance Can Save You Money

6 Ways Furnace Filter Maintenance Can Save You Money

Has your heating bill gone up recently? It could be because your air filter needs to be replaced. Do different areas of your home feel like different temperatures? A clogged air filter could be your culprit. Before you call your local HVAC company, here are some tips to save some extra cash on furnace maintenance. 

1. Check Your Air Filter

If you haven't checked your furnace air filter recently, make that a priority because if it's been a while, the filter could be collapsed or clogged with dirt. It's important to treat your home air filters like you would the oil filter in your car. Your car's oil filter can't go a year without being replaced to run efficiently and neither can your furnace filter. 

2. Save a HVAC Service Call

The first thing an HVAC company will do on a furnace service call is check your furnace filter. If it needs to be changed, they will tell you to change it...and bill you a service call charge of $150 or more. Save some money and check your filter first!

3. Protect Your Investment

If you've had your furnace and ductwork cleaned and then install an old-fashioned cardboard pleat filter, the service you just paid for is going to get all dirty again. Instead, keep your home cleaner by using our premium filters. Wondering what the difference is? Check out our video

4. Schedule Regular Furnace Filter Changes

Filter Guy recommends changing your furnace filter every three months for proper air filter maintenance. If you have pets, we'd recommend changing it every month so your furnace can run at optimum efficiency. This can save you money on your heating bill and keep your air clean. 

5. Washable Air Filters are Not Recommended

It's near impossible to "wash" out all the dirt stuck in your air filter. Plus, do you really want all those microscopic microbes flowing back into the air you breathe? Yeah...we don't think so either. 

6. Make Changing Your Filters Easy

When you order from Filter Guy, your furnace filters are sent straight to your home...for FREE. We prepackage them with a label you can put on your furnace indicating when you need to change filters. Plus, we'll send you a reminder email every three months notifying you it's time to reorder your convenient, year supply. You'll be able to breathe easy knowing that your home's air is clean and you have more time to put towards other things in your life. 

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