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Our filters provide a noticeably cleaner home!
Anatomy of the Premium Filter

Anatomy of the Premium Filter

Our premium filter is superior to other furnace filters on the market. We want your home to be circulating clean air, not dirty, dander and pollen-filled air, yuck! The design of our filter creates the cleanest air for your family. We're going to get a bit technical here, but we thought if we showed you the difference, you'll realize how important a clean filter is.

What is the Premium Filter?

  • Our most popular filter sold
  • 1" or 2" 2-ply furnace filter

The Anatomy

  • Stacked media (the material you see on the exterior)
  • Sealed-Tight design
  • One-of-a-kind inner gasket and frame

Premium Filter description

How it Works

Mold is 12 microns in size. Pollen is 60 microns in size. Human hair is 80 microns in size. Pet dander is 100 microns in size. Pet hair is 200 microns in size. Why are we telling you this? Our premium filter cleans air based on micron size. It filters out the largest microns first and then filters the smaller particles.

Our filters are 2-ply, meaning there are two layers. The first layer filters the larger particles and the second layer filters the smaller particles. This is important in the unique design of our filters because 100% of the air is being filtered, creating cleaner and healthier air in your home. 

The media of the filter is is made from polyester fiber. The filter is heat sealed to the frame, allowing the filter to securely fit in the furnace track. Most standard filters are running 8.3% less efficiently than our filters just because they aren't sealed to the frame. Bob the Filter Guy shows you this frame gap here

Why Does This Matter?

Larger particles such as pet hair and dander can easily plug up a filter if not replaced after an extensive amount of time. This will cause your furnace to use more energy to continue filtering the air in your home. Often times, at this point, the air that is being filtered back into your home is not clean.

Standard fiberglass filters on the market are popular, but actually the lowest efficiency, which is why they are so cheap. We don't advise purchasing fiberglass air filters because if the framing gets pulled away, it exposes sharp razors and creates a serious hazard of injury when replacing filters. 

It is important to regularly replace your furnace filter every three months for optimum filter and furnace efficiency. When using our premium filter, we recommend only replacing your filter every 3 months. Yep, that means you'll only have to replace your furnace filter four times a year. Get your year supply sent right to you home here. It will help keep your home cleaner for longer because of how it filters particles, for noticeably cleaner and healthier air. 

Premium filters last three months

BONUS: Because using our premium filter creates cleaner air in your home, it can help better manage allergies. By filtering out the smaller and larger particles in the air, there will be less allergens to begin with and 100% cleaner air!

Now that you know the science behind clean air, make sure you order your filters for a cleaner home and a healthier family! Click on Bob the Filter Guy to order.


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