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Our filters provide a noticeably cleaner home!
Why is it important to change my furnace filter?

Why is it important to change my furnace filter?

Changing your furnace filter is more important than you think! You may forget about it, but here are some reasons why you'll want to add it to your quarterly cleaning list.

REASON #1: Cleans Air

Changing your home furnace filters helps your home stay cleaner and your family healthier. Filter Guy furnace filters take air through a unique stacked media material that traps dirt, dander, mold, and other particles.

REASON #2: Maintains Your Furnace System

A dirty filter can make your furnace system work harder, decreasing the life span of your system, which can cost you more money in the long-term. Yeah, we don't think that's the best situation either.

REASON #3: Prevents Mold

The dirty layer on an air filter can allow mold to grow which could be filtered back into your home, increasing allergens in the air. That's not good for those with severe allergies!

REASON #4: Saves Money

Changing your furnace filters regularly can help your furnace system run efficiently, could lower your utility bill, and even save a potential service call. We're all about saving money! If you're looking to save even more money, check out our Year Supply of filters.

Reasons why changing your furnace filter is important

Our favorite tip: Not only does regularly replacing your home furnace filter create cleaner air in your home, but it can help you save money on maintenance of your furnace. This creates less hassle for your and your wallet. 

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