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Our filters provide a noticeably cleaner home!
About Us
Filter Guy was started because our owner thought it was about time the everyday homeowner had access to the best home air filters on the market without the hassle of driving to and from the hardware store or trying to remember which sizes you need or remembering when you last changed them.
A large clean kitchen
With Filter Guy, you get the best air filters out there. Our unique filter designs are unlike anything you'll see in stores and are about the same price, yet they filter your air so much better. The secret is an interior wire frame that allows the full surface of the filter to do what it's supposed to do-- stop dirt, dander, pollen, and other microbial particles-- while also fitting tightly into your furnace's slot so that nothing can get around it. What you get is only the cleanest, healthiest air passing through your air system and into your family's home.
Grey couch in a clean home
Our filters are always made right here in the USA and we guarantee that you'll see, smell, and feel the difference in your home. Our mission is simple: To deliver you and your family the cleanest air; on time, every time.
I am the Filter Guy, and we sell clean air.